SBFC Board 2023

We would like to thank our board members who have stepped away after strong commitments in their respective fields;
-Paul Buswell
-Tracey Evans
-Damon Bull
-Shane Horner
They have been an integral part of our make up and we sincerely appreciate all of their efforts.
Our new board members have begun their work and we are excited at what they will bring to the club in 2023;
-Shelley Burgess-Director of Player Diversity
-Paul Bain-Director of Women’s Football
-Phil Sprigg-Director of Player Culture
-Anna Giacci-New Secretary
2023 SBFC Board
President-Leigh Wright
-Vice President/Football Operations-Reece Reynolds
-Secretary-Anna Giacci
-Treasurer-Mark Harris
-General Manager-Andrew Roberts
-Player Diversity-Shelley Burgess
-Leadership and Indigenous Engagement-Phil Sprigg
-In House Operations and Maintenance-Joe Versace
-Women’s Football-Paul Bain
-Netball-Amy Howard
-Junior Liaison-Paul Warrick