Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct and Waiver


Personal information collected by the South Bunbury Football Club is for the purposes of membership requirements, competition purposes & football development. It will not be released for any form of commercial gain & will be maintained in a secure environment as per the requirements of the Privacy Act.

Completion & lodgement of this Membership Form indicates acceptance of this policy. I am aware that recording images of children participating in football both photographic and video graphic is not permissible without the consent of the child’s parent or guardian.


Completion and lodgement of this Membership Form indicates acceptance of the following code of conducts:

  • Never ridicule or yell at players for making mistakes or losing a game.
  • If you disagree with an official, raise the issue through the appropriate channels rather than questioning the official’s judgement and honesty in public.
  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.
  • Recognise the value and importance of volunteer coaches, managers and helpers.
  • Condemn the use of violence in any form, be it by spectators, coaches, officials or players.
  • Encourage players to follow the rules and the umpire’s decisions.
  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using foul language, harassing players, coaches, umpires or volunteers.


  • Play by the rules – the rules of your Club and the laws of the game.
  • Attend training sessions and matches at times advised by the Club. If unable, for a valid reason to do so, players will inform the Club as soon as is practical.
  • Act respectfully toward the officials and players of their own and opposing Clubs.
  • Respect and follow the directions of coaching staff, match and club officials.
  • Treat all players with respect, as you would want them to treat you.
  • Act respectfully towards match officials at all times. Abusive language is unacceptable.
  • Avoid individual or collective behaviour which may reasonable by held by spectators to be offensive.
  • Avoid all acts likely to incite spectators to violence or disorder.
  • Respect the facilities and equipment of their own and opposing clubs.
  • Do not use remarks based on race, religion, gender or ability.
  • Do not use information technology to make or post inappropriate comments against players, clubs, club officials, match officials or the League which is discriminatory or offensive. Information technology includes but is not limited to, email, instant messaging, text messages, phone messages, digital images, website postings including social media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs.
  • Use of illicit drugs, possession or dealing of drugs is prohibited.


    Football means Australian Rules Football, Club means South Bunbury Football Club.

    • I am aware that playing football, observing football, learning to play football and training to play football, and participating in any activity carried out by the Club, are activities that inherently involve risk, and that in undertaking the activities does so at his/her own risk.
    • I am also aware that, as a condition of admission to membership of the Club, its office bearers, officials, coaches, managers, umpires, members, and/or agents are absolved from all liability arising from and injury or damage howsoever caused. That injury or damage may arise out of membership of the Club, playing football, observing football, learning to play football and training to play football, or negligence of any nature whatsoever on the part of the Club, their representatives, office bearers, officials, coaches, managers, umpires, members, and/or agents.
    • I understand and agree that nothing in this agreement purports to exclude any liability that may be owed by the Club and their representatives pursuant to the provisions of any relevant Statutory Act/s covering these activities. To the extent that any part of this agreement may contravene any of the Statutory Act/s I agree that part of the agreement may be severed and rendered void but the rest of the agreement will remain valid and continue to have effect.


    • I do hereby acknowledge that of my own free will and desire, I have contracted with the club for a membership and that I have read and understood the above Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct and Waiver & Indemnity.