Interested In Sponsoring Your Child?

Getting your name out amongst the community.

There is basically three ways

Jumper Sponsorship

So you get your name on the back of the team jumper. The jumper last from 3 to 5 years depending on the grade. Older grades don’t last as long.

Cost is $ 1250 in total

Merchandise sponsorship

That’s getting your name(only yours) on any of the merchandise, you choose. And your choose the sizes so you can bend towards the market which you want to be involved in, young or old.

Also females like zipped hoodies and scarfs, while males like hats and singlets.

So 50 names costs $ 750

Player Sponsorship

In this case the business donates their vouchers of their product e.g. Free drink/roll/video and the coaches gives them after the game.

All the sponsors get their name on our webpage and Facebook.

Also bear in mind we handle all the merchandise Seniors and Juniors.