Katie-Jayne Grieve

South Bunbury Football Club product Katie-Jayne Grieve shone for Fremantle during Sunday’s four-point 9.5 (59) to 8.7 (55) AFLW opening-round victory over Melbourne in oppressive heat at Casey Fields in Melbourne.

Grieve, who played her first AFLW match since returning to WA from a stint at Carlton, generated plenty of forward pressure late in the game which stifled the Demons’ ability to move the ball down the ground.

Much has been made publicly of Grieve’s decision to return home to WA, however many may be unaware of how she still carries core elements of her experience with the Tigers at SWFL women’s level.

“Something that I’ve taken from my time with South Bunbury is just to enjoy football,” she said.

“Because that is where it started for me – just enjoying football – and being able to carry that with me professionally to AFLW level has definitely helped me.”

Grieve outlined the major difference between training at SWFL women’s level and AFLW – intensity.

“The intensity is incredible,” she said. ”But the drills are definitely short and sharp as well. We also go back to basics with skill-based level activities because that is where we need to start from with football – just go back to basics.

“The intensity is massive and I really enjoy the skill base that we learn as well.”

Like her teammate Philipa Seth, Grieve is keen to give back to the South West football community and hopes to cheer on the Tigers whenever possible during the year.

“I’ve been trying to make it to some of their training sessions and I’ve been speaking to their new coach. But unfortunately I haven’t had the time as their pre-season has just started.

“But definitely when our season finishes, I’ll be heading down there for sure.”

Fremantle face the Brisbane Lions at Fremantle Oval on Sunday.

Justin Fris-South Western Times