Junior Inspiration

Here is a fantastic little story of two of our Junior Players.
Young Jasper who plays in our Year 4’s wrote a letter to his favourite player South Bunbury Year 8’s player Cordae Bell.
Last weekend when the Year 8’s played Donnybrook some of the junior, juniors come and watch the game.
Jasper was chatting to one of his mates and Year 8’s Coach Kasey Kearney heard him oversay that number 6 for the Year 8’s team was his favourite player. (Cordae Bell) So Kasey suggested to Jasper that he should tell Cordae, so he did.
Then, during the week at school Jasper wrote a letter to Cordae. Jasper came down to watch the Year 8’s game last night(Friday) at Hands and gave it to him. Cordae came over, shook his hand, got a photo and read Jasper’s letter. (In front of all his mates). It was such a gracious & uplifting act to see. Jasper stayed and watched the game and came into the change rooms afterwards.
Cordae was Best on ground.
The letter says
To Codae
Hi my name is Jasper and I am your biggest fan. I play for Year 4’s white South Bunbury. I watched you on the weekend and you scored 7 goals!!!!! I like you because you are speedy. And I want to be like you one day. Go South Bunbury.
From Jasper.