Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

South Bunbury Football Club’s priority, and responsibility, is the health and safety of everyone involved with our great Club.


We are focusing on minimizing the risk of contracting the virus by taking precautionary measures by way of ensuring surfaces and equipment are routinely (daily) cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant.  This will include all door handles, toilets, bar surfaces and tables.  The changerooms and trainers room, and equipment, will not be excluded.


These disinfectants have been purchased from Australian Medical Supplies and include Monofoil that kills bacteria with an antimicrobial shield and is designed for daily use and provides 24 hours or more of protection.  This will be sprayed on all areas as referred to above.


The second is hospital grade ISOWIPE which will be used to wipe down footballs and training equipment at the conclusion of trainings and games.


Due to the lack of stock readily available hand sanitiser is on back order and will hopefully be available next week from Australian Medical Supplies.


HAND HYGIENE is up to each person and is up to everyone to ensure they are consciously carrying this out.  All wet areas will be stocked with soap.


All players are to provide their own water bottles for training and games.  During games water will be provided to players from water runners however runners will be asked to wear medical gloves.


In this current Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) scenario we need to take precautionary measures and not cause panic to our members, but being proactive in reducing the risk. 


Tracey Evans

General Manager