On Thursday, May 26th, the SWFL has published a media statement finding South Bunbury Football Club in breach of racial vilification.
The South Bunbury Football club has always and will always hold and value the strong Indigenous culture in their ethos.
The South Bunbury Football Club acknowledges the finding of the SWFL tribunal.
The club recognises and understands that this may have caused great discomfort to our valued members, players, supporters and the Indigenous community and we sincerely apologise.
We would like to advise that we are currently working with the SWFL to address the matter at hand and we welcome their support.
The South Bunbury Football Club will continue to support and promote cultural education and awareness to all players, members and supporters.
The South Bunbury Football Club have learned a great deal as a result of this event, and we understand that every person should be treated with respect, dignity and be protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse.
The South Bunbury Football Club will work with all invested parties to address this matter and progress forward in a positive direction.