The Junior Council were successful in winning the Premiership in three grades.

Under 16’s, South Bunbury.
Under 14’s, Marist Bros. (
Under 12’s, Marist Bros.

A total of 38 teams competed in the Bunbury & Districts Junior Football Association. The South Junior Council, including Marist Bros., sponsor ten of these teams.

To the parents and supporters of the various teams the Junior Council extend their thanks. Various trips and Players’ Teas were arranged during the season.

To the South League Committee, Players and Trainers, we also extend our thanks for their co-operation and guidance. The South League generously donated $100.00 to the Junior Council.

Our grateful thanks to the parents who supported and attended the games each week, also to the Ladies for their help in the Hay Park Kiosk, the Players’ Teas and Annual Trophy presentation.

To the Patrons and Trophy Donors a special thank you. Each team being presented with six trophies plus various trophies during finals.

Life Membership honours were given to Bob Farquhar and Maurie Maher at the Annual Wind-up. These Life Member Certificates were presented by Councillor Frank Buswell who also presented each Fairest and Best Trophy.

Bob Farquhar has been coach of an under 12’s team since under 12’s commenced in the Association, prior to this he coached all boys 0 0 who were not in the teams of a Saturday morning.

Maurie Maher has coached under 16’s teams and Under 14’s over a period of seven years. Maurie now coaches a Marist Bros. team who are sponsored by South Bunbury.

Both men have coached Premiership teams.

Life Members

Geo. Hay, Doug Williams, Arthur Buswell, Bob Farquhar and Maurie Maher.

South Bunbury Little League were successful in winning the Grand Final.

This competition was conducted by the S.W.N.F.L. during the League Finals Fixtures. II

The Junior Council extend a special thanks to the S.W.N.F.L. for conducting these football matches, and hope these will become an annual event.