Another successful season for the Junior Council. Premiership for South White Under 16’s. Congratulations to Coach, Arthur Buswell, who has had these boys for five seasons.

Also Premiership for South White Under 12’s. Congratulations to Coach, R. Farquhar, and his manager, Mr. Maguire. They came from the bottom of the list in 1966 season to the Premiership Winners this season.

We again sponsored Marist Brothers Under 14’s.

Coach, M. Maher, Manager, R. Cull.

Under 18’s Coach, R. Bond. Manager, Tony Buswell.

Under 16’s Red Coach, John Banting.

Under 14’s White Coach, G. Jasper. Manager, Rob Buswell. This team was runner-up in this grade.

Under 12’s Red Coach, R. Mumme. Manager, M. Maher.

During the season we were hosts to Collier Under 18’s, Mt. Hawthorn Under 18’s, Doubleview Under 16’s and 14’s.

Our grateful thanks to Parents who billetted boys during the season both for our own teams and combined Association Teams.

Our Ladies’ Committee, once again a sterling effort. With two players’ teas plus the Wind-up Presentation Night, also helping in the Hay Park Caravan each fourth Saturday and helping in the tea booths for the Lightning Carnival Day. Thank you, Ladies, for a job well done.

For the first time we presented a Certificate to each boy who played in the Premiership Teams during the season. The Certificates were signed by the President, Secretary and boys’ coach. The Coach and Manager also received a Certificate. These were in addition to any other trophy the boy may have received.

On the presentation of trophies we had the Deputy Mayor present the Fairest and Best Trophies. The President, W. Maloney, presented the other trophies. As each boy received his trophy his Coach explained the boy’s positional play, his ability and club attitude.

We have a Credit Balance of $120 in the Bank. This season we have not purchased any footballs or guernseys. Next season we will want all new footballs and two sets of guernseys at least.

My personal thanks to our Committee, Ladies’ Committee, South Bunbury League for their generous donation and support, the “Tiger b Show” Committee, Our Trophy Donors, and any other person who helped* in any way towards Junior Football.

Having over 200 boys under our control in our Junior Council speaks well of the assistance and co-operation of all concerned.

D. WILLIAMS, Hon. Sec.